Hoping For The Best, Preparing For The Worst

Being strong is good and the quality of bravery is as well applaudable. Of course, life sustainability requires these two qualities, however, there hasn’t been a day without darkness (sunset); as we are doing the best we can, hoping for the best, it is as well necessary to prepare for the worst. No one is ever strong without having down moments. It is not as though we are being pessimistic, it is simply planning ahead. That no matter the unforeseen circumstances life might present to me, I am ready for it. The question is: how prepared am I— because no seed ever turned out blooming without passing through the darkness of the soil. That is where it grows, germinate, and receives the needed watering before being harvested for man-use. It is the same for us — we grow at times of challenges and tribulations. We should learn to embrace the worst that can ever happen to us. No matter what happens, life goes on. If you are still living, it means your assignment here is not over. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” MLK Jr.

Another thing to take note of while living is, capabilities are different. What someone did and sails through, someone else might try it and sink. Knowing our limits and what we are capable of is a paramount factor of not paying out of pocket when driving without insurance. The truth is, many might feel your pain but no one will ever be able to take the pain on your behalf. A monkey is great with jumping and a cheetah is uncomparable in running. The day a monkey tries to run as fast as a Cheetah, it will end up hurting itself and might even lose its life. Again, slow and steady win the race. As we hope for the best to come, we want to enjoy it in sound health and not otherwise when it comes. I agree with walking slowly in the right direction than running fast in the wrong one. Do not let anyone or any situation push you beyond your capability, it will be on you, eventually. Be comfortable doing it the way that soothes you, be the best at what you do, be your own C.E.O., and report only to yourself. Letter A might be needed today in embrAce, O is coming to shine when yOu is needed. Take your time to grow.

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone will continue to have a story to tell. What will your story be; That you survived? That you made it, anyway? That you eventually made it? or That you gave up? The best revenge is to make it all worthwhile, regardless. Say to yourself whenever that controversy shows up “I have come this far — it is too late for me to quit now”. “I have survived many tribulations life has thrown at me, no matter what happens, I have what it takes”. Keep doing what you are doing, hope for the best, and be skilled and empowered to tackle the worst that might ever happen.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this piece. If you find this impactful, kindly share it with families and friends. Don’t forget to give it a clap as well — it is simply an encouragement. Feel free to leave any comment and any inquiry can be sent to talk2kaag@gmail.com. Join me on Instagram




“God does not impose on a soul except to the extent of its capability.”

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Kehinde Akorede (Jr) A.G.

Kehinde Akorede (Jr) A.G.

“God does not impose on a soul except to the extent of its capability.”

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